The 5 Best Bakeries in NYC

Bakeries are an integral part of the lives of nearly each of us, every week most of us go shopping at a bakery. In most cases we buy bread, but we also buy pastries or once in a while pies or cakes for special occasions. I love bread and pastries, which is why I decided to prepare a list for you of 5 of my favorite bakeries in NYC. These are places that stand out by being the best at something. For example, there’s a place that has delicious cupcakes, and there’s another one with crunchy bread.

1. Levain Bakery 74th street

leavin bakery

Probably one of the best bakeries in New York, judging by the number of positive reviews it’s not hard to come to that conclusion. I, on the other hand, was there myself and I have to say that all those comments are most certainly true and I can add a positive recommendation from myself as well. Their pastries are phenomenal, this is the greatest advantage of this place. There’s pretty much always a long line, but don’t worry about having to wait for a long time, because it all works smoothly. As I already said, I love their pastries, they are always big, heavy and very delicious. Of course you can also find many other products there just like in every other bakery, I’m talking about all kinds of bread that is just as delicious. I love this place mostly for their delicious pastries, I really recommend eating them while they’re fresh.

magnolia bakery

This place is full of different kinds of pastries that one cannot say no to. I felt great while being there, and what was even a greater feeling was eating all those delicious pastries. The history of this bakery started about 20 years ago and one can see how well it was all taken care of through all those years and how much love was put into making the products delicious. Their specialty is wonderful cupcakes that are offered in different versions. If you’re a cupcake fan then you should definitely visit this place, of course you can also buy many other things here, but wonderful cupcakes are iconic to this place.

amys bread bakery

I have already shown you two places where you can get delicious pastries, now it’s time for something that many people are familiar with in their everyday life. I’m talking here about bread, by which I mean all the different kinds of breads, buns, sandwiches etc. One advantage of this place is that all of this is made by hand, using natural, healthy ingredients. It’s a bread that you won’t find on the shelves of a regular supermarket, it is something that will forever change your breakfasts or any meal that involves bread. I love bread, and at this place I had a chance to try something incredibly delicious. You can tell a huge difference when you think back to the taste of regular bread. Besides bread, you can also get delicious sandwiches, fresh salads, pastries and much more here.

breads bakery

Another bakery that offers a wide selection of different types of bread, desserts and sandwiches. Breads Bakery only uses high quality ingredients, fresh and healthy. Their products are a very high tier in terms of quality, it is a bread that everyone will enjoy the taste of. I was very impressed with it, it tastes great and I really wish I could have it everyday. Besides the bread, I have also tried their desserts and I have to admit that they are also very high-tier. The main reason why I love this bakery, though, is their wonderful bread.

4. Crisan Bakery - UPDATE, This location is closed forever.

crisan bakery

Claudia Crisan and Iggy Calabria met at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia while studying Crafts and Music.  In addition to their art, both loved desserts.  Luckily Philadelphia offered many excellent bakeries and pastry shops but nothing like the desserts and cakes Claudia’s parents made in their bakeries in her native Romania.  This started their conversation of bringing her family recipes to the States and opening a unique place of their own that could combine their love of art and cake.

   After UArts, Claudia attended the Royal College of Art in London while Iggy pursued a Masters in Music Education.  Wedding jewelry became the focus of Claudia’s final body of work at RCA.  Building on decorating skills she acquired as a child while helping her mother make sugar leaves and flowers, she explored edible sugar jewelry and created large body pieces that allow interaction between wearer and the audience through taste and memory…consumable art…the concept for their project was forming, but they still needed a space.

   After graduating and getting married, they settled in Central New Jersey for one year where Iggy landed a K-8 teaching gig but their focus was on opening their “bakery”.  Iggy’s family (NYC natives who migrated north) advised them to consider Albany as they looked for a small, beautiful city that might need and appreciate their concept and product - it just happened to be a perfect match and then fate sealed the deal: Iggy’s Aunt Mary Sue noticed an old bakery for sale.  197 Lark Street was Carosello Bakery for many years but had been empty and neglected.  10 months of renovating revealed Crisan Bakery in 2008, a full scratch bakery and cafe that made and served fresh pastries, desserts, and gelato.  Their success was immediate and the art concept was set aside.

   6 years and 3 daughters later (they had twins!) the now seasoned business partners decided to shift their full focus back to their original seedling concept that still lingered from their early conversations in Philadelphia espresso bars: the intimate gallery, the sugar art, the studio, the combining of simple beauty with the complex and immediate sensation of taste.  The former café is now a private Tasting Room where Claudia meets with clients to discuss every detail of special orders.  When not in use the Tasting Room is open to reserve for those seeking exclusive privacy when indulging in our tableside dessert service.

   The other half of the former café is now Claudia’s carefully-designed studio where she dearly crafts each and every cake every day.  To keep their loyal and beloved customers happy they also chose to wholesale some of their signature products to select local cafes and restaurants in the Albany area.

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